• Air purifiers for mold removal
    • February 10. 2023

    The sad truth is mold exists everywhere. There are no indoor spaces without it. And if you are allergic to mold, exposure to it can trigger allergic reactions and asthma symptoms. Researchers are currently investigating whether damp indoor environments and mold may actually cause upper and lower respiratory problems. Even without allergies, airborne mold particles can cause irritation in your eyes...

  • Is Safety On Your Kids Christmas List This Year?
    • December 15. 2022

    As the holiday season marches ahead, so does toy shopping for the children in our lives. There are thousands of toys to choose from and selecting the right one can be a challenge, especially as new toys appear on the shelves every year. While most toys are swept off the shelves because of their popular appeal, it’s important to choose products that are age appropriate, free of hazards and are dura...

  • Managing Odors in Your Kid’s Room
    • November 28. 2022

    The smells kids leave in your home change based on their age. Those smells seem to gather in their room where all their things can be found. From dirty diapers to socks, there are solutions for parents looking to take control of the smells coming their kids’ room. Tips to Keep Your Kid’s Room Smelling Fresh Keeping your kid’s room smelling fresh takes more than just masking scent with fragrance sp...

  • What Should You Look for in an Air Purifier?
    • November 17. 2022

    Your home is a space that should allow you to control the influence of outdoor temperatures, precipitation, and pollution. However, sealing your home from the outdoors can also trap pollutants indoors, in some cases allowing air pollution to build up to unhealthy levels. A wide range of substances can affect the air quality in your home, including particulate matter, toxic gases, viruses and bacte...

  • Create Your Own Home Yoga Studio & Practice
    • November 08. 2022

    Yoga offers a dynamic range of movement to help expand our sense of space from within, manage stress and work off excess energy. Learn simple and affordable tips to create a home yoga studio. As we continue our practice of social distancing and working from home, we can feel the effects in both our mental and physical well-being. Beyond anxiety and stress, we might feel restless and frustrated by ...

  • What Are Vocs?
    • November 01. 2022

    VOC stands for volatile organic compounds, which are gasses that are emitted from some solids and liquids. Although VOCs can come from a variety of places, in the home they are typically associated with paint or cleaning products. Many other household substances can release VOCs as well, such as glues, solvent, or fuels. The inhalation of these VOCs can be quite dangerous for your health. In the s...

  • How Can An Air Purifier Help Your Skin?
    • October 24. 2022

    Take a walk through your home. How many windows are open? How much air is actually passing through? Poor ventilation muddies up your living space by trapping in airborne toxins like pollution, as well as organic particles, such as pollen or dander. Worse still, are the toxins that are produced from within your home itself. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, some indoor air spaces ar...

  • Controlling Winter Allergies
    • October 18. 2022

    When we think of allergy season, the image brought to mind is often of flowing plants and pollen or the dry leaves of fall.  Yet allergies can happen all year round, even during the months of winter. Often winter allergies get mistaken for being cold or flu symptoms and do not get properly treated, making sufferers go longer without relief.   Here are a few tips on how to reduce all...

  • Controlling Bird Dander
    • October 14. 2022

    Birds are beloved pets for their keen intellect, charming personalities, and of course, for their lovely plumage. Their feathers can come in any color of the rainbow, and they play an important role in a bird’s overall health and life.  While these feathers are beautiful and functional, they can also create a lot of powder, dander, and debris in the home. Feathers can break off during preenin...

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