Beauty Funciton of The Negative Oxygen Ion Air Purifier

  • 2021-04-14 15:30:11
Many women spend a lot of time and energy on their faces to make themselves more beautiful. They use lots of time and expensive skin care products to make fine facial mask or SPA. However, many girls do not know that negative ions are also useful natural skin care products. Their remarkable cosmetic effects are even better and healthier than chemical skin care products.

After all, in the process of using a large number of chemical skin care products, while playing a certain effect, the other effects are more harmful to the health of women's skin, leading to more fragile facial skin tissue and affecting skin elasticity. Negative ions can inhibit the consumption of vitamin C and activate the production of new collagen. If enough negative ions are added, the collagen of dermis could be rejuvenated, the original elasticity and moisture of skin could be restored, the vitality of epidermis could be restored, the vigorous metabolism could be launched again, the problems of skin could be solved, and the effect of beauty and skin care could be achieved.

Therefore, each air purifier produced by our company is equipped with a negative ion generator which can produce 8 million negative ions per milliliter per second. It can bring you enough negative ions and also bring you the following eight beauty effects. Many kinds of series negative ions air purifier, it is up to your choice with multi application, desktop, home and office, and using in car etc.

●  Wound healing
Negative ions can activate protease, accelerate protein synthesis, improve self-healing ability and accelerate healing.

●  Activating skin and smoothing wrinkles
Negative ions can penetrate into the dermis through the epidermis, promote the growth of collagen, elastic fiber and hyaluronic acid, eliminate wrinkles and restore skin elasticity.

●  Fade the color spots
Negative ions can strengthen the metabolism of melanin itself, so as to eliminate the symptoms of spots and freckles. Even if the skin is tanned, it can recover quickly.

●  Moisturizing and moisturizing
Negative ions can enhance the metabolism function of the stratum corneum, effectively lock up the loss of water, and keep the skin moist and glossy.

●  Whitening skin
The cuticle of skin will peel off naturally after it becomes the dandruff under the condition of fully absorbing negative ions, thus accelerating the metabolism of skin, making the skin smoother and whiter.

●  Slow down aging
Negative ions enter the blood circulation system of human body through natural respiration and surface micro respiration, accelerate metabolism, purify blood and eliminate toxins.

●  Resistance injury
Negative ions can resist the stimulation of ultraviolet rays, low temperature, drugs and hormones on the skin, so as to effectively resist the aging of the skin.

●  Adjust pH value

Negative ions can change the acidic tissue environment into acid-base, and promote its normal physiological function, so as to regulate the pH value.

Long time for using the air purifiers can let enjoy pure and comfortable woking time and leisure life.

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