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  • The Design Idea of Desktop Air Purifier F001
    • April 13. 2021

    F001 adopts the humanized design concept. When you sit in front of the table, your head will generally be about 35 cm above the table top. The design height of F001 personal air purifier outlet is 25-40 cm higher than the desktop, keeping the same height with your head. At the same time, the silent motor can rotate the head 38 degrees to circulate the air to the face, so as to ensure that the clea...

  • Beauty Funciton of The Negative Oxygen Ion Air Purifier
    • April 14. 2021

    Many women spend a lot of time and energy on their faces to make themselves more beautiful. They use lots of time and expensive skin care products to make fine facial mask or SPA. However, many girls do not know that negative ions are also useful natural skin care products. Their remarkable cosmetic effects are even better and healthier than chemical skin care products. After all, in the process o...

  • The Core Advantages of Xiluo Tech Products
    • April 30. 2021

    /productsThe core advantages of our products. First, as the main purification material of air purifier, HEPA has the following traditional advantages:High purification efficiency, stable purification effect, low manufacturing cost, low use cost, environmental protection and safety. But our products have the unique advantages when using HEPA as the main air purification material: Sufficient materia...

  • The Core Advantage of Xiluo Tech for B2B Business
    • April 30. 2021

    We would be happy to consider cooperating with you to help explore the contacts and reach of your company. Xiluo provide factory direct to air purifier,and our teams have more than 20 years industry experience. With our business model: we aim our products only at wholesalers and retailers, selling only in wholesale volumes. This can be anything from 2 cases to 30 cases per order (one full pallet)....

  • How to choose car air purifier
    • May 07. 2021

    Today, with serious air pollution, people who drive to and from work every day are more and more aware of the need for a truly effective car air purifier, especially in smog days or when smoking in the car. Here let us tell you how to choose a truly effective car air purifier. 1. To select the car air purifier, we should first look at CADR. The CADR value represents the purification capacity and s...

  • Negative ions air purifier could be used to prevent infection of the COVID-19
    • May 11. 2021

    Medical experts believe that the prevention of COVID-19 needs doing well of three aspects: finding the source of infection, followed by blocking transmission, and finally enhancing the ability of susceptible people to resist diseases. We have concerned about how to block the transmission of the virus and how to enhance the anti-virus ability of the human body. Experts have found that negative ions...

  • Why do we need an air purifier at home
    • May 14. 2021

    American experts found that there are more than 500 kinds of volatile organic compounds in indoor air, including more than 20 kinds of carcinogens and more than 200 kinds of pathogenic viruses. The major hazards are radon, formaldehyde, benzene, ammonia, esters, trichloroethylene, etc. The pollution degree of indoor air is 2-5 times more serious than that of outdoor air, sometimes up to 100 times....

  • The experience of F008 air purifier: refreshing in the moment of air flow
    • May 21. 2021

    Suppose I need to buy an air purifier. As for the specifications of air purifier, my first requirement is not to be too big. If the air purifier is big, it would occupy a lot of space; Secondly, it has the function of air blowing. After all, when summer comes, I need a fan. If the air purifier and fan can be used on the same machine, it would be more perfect. Therefore, F007 was born. Firstly, fro...

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