Negative ions air purifier could be used to prevent infection of the COVID-19

  • 2021-05-11 19:58:33
Medical experts believe that the prevention of COVID-19 needs doing well of three aspects: finding the source of infection, by blocking transmission, and finally enhancing the ability of susceptible people to resist diseases. We have concerned about how to block the transmission of the virus and how to enhance the anti-virus ability of the human body. Experts have found that negative ions air purifier could be used to prevent the infection of the COVID-19. The effect of inhibiting the transmission is better than alcohol, and it can also enhance the disease resistance ability of people who are prone to infection.

The main route of transmission of COVID-19 is the droplets generated when patients cough and sneeze, causing the surrounding air to infect COVID-19, and the "sick" air enters another person's body, and the virus spreads and spreads. Therefore, the treatment of "sick" air could block the spread of the virus.

How to cure "sick" air? the method is to let the air clean. It was mentioned that COVID-19 was in the air with the droplets of coughing and sneezing, and then attached to the dust in the air and infected others by floating dust. Floating dust becomes the vector of disease. Under normal circumstances, people could inhale 74000 pieces of dust per minute through breathing. For example, dust carrying viruses and bacteria is easy to cause diseases after entering the body. It could be seen that clearing the dust is to block the transmission of the disease. The dust in the air is difficult to be filtered by general mechanical equipment, and only the negative air ions have special ability to capture these harmful substances. This is mainly determined by the characteristics of negative ions. And negative ion is due to the addition of an electron in the outer layer of oxygen molecule, resulting in negative charge and electro-negativity.

Therefore, it has extraordinary binding ability to the positive electric substance. Under normal circumstances, the indoor floating dust, smoke, germs and viruses with positive charge gather with each other, lose the ability to float freely in the air, and fall rapidly, so as to avoid respiratory tract infection, so as to purify the air, purify the environment, and no longer cause harm to human body. Because the air anion has a super dust function, so its concentration in the air, determines the purity of the air, determines the quality of the air, often known as the "air vitamin".

Bacterial culture experiments show that negative ions also could inhibit the growth and reproduction of bacteria. The detection found that in the environment of high concentration of negative ions, no bacteria could grow, and negative ions could directly kill the virus.

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