The Core Advantages of Xiluo Tech Products

  • 2021-04-30 12:41:34
/productsThe core advantages of our products.
First, as the main purification material of air purifier, HEPA has the following traditional advantages:High purification efficiency, stable purification effect, low manufacturing cost, low use cost, environmental protection and safety. But our products have the unique advantages when using HEPA as the main air purification material: Sufficient materials (the area of HEPA is generally several times larger than that of the same type of others products). Good materials (high filtration level, with third-party filtration efficiency certification). Low price (help you to expand the market), could be customized for customers independent filter brand.

Second,the traditional advantages of using negative ions to purify air: Firstly, neutralize with dust and make it fall to the ground. Second, static electricity adsorbs on the surface of dust, bacteria and virus to let them settle,and even let them die. But our products have the unique advantages when using negative ion as the main air purification material. We use the imported copper wire which could make the work more stable. And the power input terminal is far away from the negative ion generating end and completely isolated, which makes the work safer. At the same time, directly blowing the negative ions to consumers is the most correct way to use in the market.

Third, as the main purification material of home air purifier, activated carbon has the following traditional advantages:absorbing harmful gases, pollutants and preventing formaldehyde diffusion. Our advantages of using activated carbon: melt blown activated carbon particles to make it more stable, and easier to contact the air.

Home air purifier

Fourth, our quality reliability: Our filter efficiency test reports and certificates are produced by third-party inspection institutions. We also have third party test reports and certificates for negative ion concentration. Our products are designed by senior designers and can withstand 1 meter free drop test, 5kg pull test of power connector, 5,000 impact test of keys, and extrusion test with packaging. We have our own strict quality standards for the reliability of motherboard design, motor selection, fan customization and structure design.

Fifth, the users safety design: Our products have passed the CE / RoHS / FCC / WEEE test, and could independently support the corresponding third-party test of any country in the world. Our products of home air cleaner even has passed the high temperature induced oxidation test, which means the product is placed in a high-temperature container (180) degree for 15 minutes to monitor whether there is abnormal gas or solid particles.

Sixth, why is us?
We provide global original products, which are protected and certified by global patents. Each of our products has enough accurate market positioning, and can provide a unique user experience, which could help you to identify an isolated market segmet.
According to different concepts, we could provide unique customized services to enhance the brand value of your company. And most importantly, our products would provide the best price for the your business.

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