The Design Idea of Desktop Air Purifier F001

  • 2021-04-13 18:07:27
F001 adopts the humanized design concept. When you sit in front of the table, your head will generally be about 35 cm above the table top. The design height of F001 personal air purifier outlet is 25-40 cm higher than the desktop, keeping the same height with your head. At the same time, the silent motor can rotate the head 38 degrees to circulate the air to the face, so as to ensure that the clean air and negative ions could fully cover your breathing range.

We are the first company to introduce the desktop air purifier that could be used immediately after purification, and we have the protection of invention patent. In this way, even if the office has windows or air conditioning, it will not affect your enjoyment of fresh air and negative ions. F001 uses extremely fine glass fiber as the core purification material (HEPA), and adopts honeycomb type sterilization and formaldehyde removal coating with evenly sprayed activated carbon particles. It is more specifically for the office and indoor environment, and increases the strong removal function of formaldehyde removal particles, which can effectively resist the invasion of harmful gases.

F001 has a very reliable structural design, which could greatly increase the amount of dust removal. The one-time filtration efficiency of ultra-fine electrostatic fiber technology is as high as 95%, and the negative ions are fully mixed with the pure air, which is transported to your face at the first time, effectively ensuring the health promotion and beauty effect of its "life vitamins". More relevant authoritative medicine has proved that the long-term use of negative ions air purifier could have obvious curative effect on the rhinitis, dry vision and even asthma of consumers.

Our company will continue to develop air filtration technology, strictly control the production quality, adhere to be the best and be given the most perfect use experience for consumers.

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