The experience of F008 air purifier: refreshing in the moment of air flow

  • 2021-05-21 15:18:37

Suppose I need to buy an air purifier. As for the specifications of air purifier, my first requirement is not to be too big. If the air purifier is big, it would occupy a lot of space; Secondly, it has the function of air blowing. After all, when summer comes, I need a fan. If the air purifier and fan can be used on the same machine, it would be more perfect. Therefore, F007 was born.

Firstly, from the appearance, The F007 doesn't feel like a fan, and even looks very different from the traditional air purifier: simple and elegant design, hollow fuselage, honeycomb air outlet... Even putting F007 next to apple is extremely well matched. F007 is a product integrating air purification and fan. Inside the fuselage, it carries a huge filter and negative ion generator. The hollow design around it is for a larger area of air inlet. The huge honeycomb outlet is for a larger area of output of purified air. The fuselage rotation is for a larger range of output of purified air.

The design of the air outlet is particular. The advantage of this design is that it could effectively control the softness of the wind and the gathering effect of the wind. This not only solves the impact of the wind from the traditional fan, but also effectively suppresses part of the noise. Therefore, consumers could feel the wind from F007 and feel like water flowing through their face, which means very comfortable.

F007 has two ways to adjust the wind direction. One is to adjust the wind force through three gears; Secondly, F007 can shakes its head through the rotary switch, and the shaking angle is 40 degree.In addition, F007 best home air purifier has three timing for adjustment, which can set 2 hours, 4 hours, 8 hours of timing automatic power off.

F007 top air cleaner is equipped with a super large HEPA filter, which could purify formaldehyde, ultra-fine particles, industrial emissions, pollen and other harmful gases and particles, with the purification rate of 99.95%. At the same time, activated carbon materials are attached to remove odor, formaldehyde and other gaseous pollutants. It is worth mentioning that F007 is also the most convenient air purifier to replace the filter. We just need to rotate the head and pull it up to separate the "head", and take out the filter screen and replace it with a new one. We will committed to using technology and aesthetics to shorten the distance with fashion.

Although F007 does not belong to the field of COSMO, its fresh air and negative ions could help many girls being more beautiful, and its elegant design would also attract the attention of many consumers. As for its effect, I think through the experience for a period of time, whether it is the function of air purification or air supply, it should be worthy of a fairly high score.

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