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Desktop Air Purifier Welcomed Well Popular Market

  • April 30, 2021

This is F001 hot seller of desktop air purifier, it is compact, fashion, honeycumb,an elegant design with multi-patents protected global. low power consumption and easy operation. It is an ideal choice for personal andhome life. With true H13 true hepa filter in purification rate 99.95%. This is best air purifier with super silent and softly purification at lowest speed for a comfortable and peaceful environment. Swing around left and right, it intakes dirty air and delivers clean and fresh air,let you enjoy a SPA while working or sleeping, and enjoy peaceful and comfortable life.

● True H13 hepa filter
H13 hepa filter, 99.95% removal rate of micro particles.
Very fine glass fiber H13 hepa filter
Fold 110 times and surrounded into 360°barrel, effectively capture harmful particles.
Air purifier is 3 stage filtration system: pre-filter, true hepa filter &; activated carbon filter.
The true hepa air purifier filters 99.95% of dust, pollen, cigarette smoke, odours, mould spores, pet dander and germs.; filters particles as small as 0.3 microns and larger and filters air pollution of PM2.5 (pollution rate).

● Negative ion purification
8 million negative ions, enjoy fresh air all day.
SGS tested negative ion generator,
Custom-made negative ion boost coil with imported copper wire from Korea.
Environmental protection materials, WEEE and KC certification.
The air ionizer releases 5 million pcs/cm3 negative ions into outgoing filtered air to help air purification and relieve symptoms of rhinitis, dry eyes, asthma, etc.
Anion air purifier doesn't emit Ozone, UV-C light and harmful air pollutants.

● Contemporary design/Simple,generous and elegant design
The height of the air outlet on the table is at the same height as the consumer's breathing range.
38 degree swing, the desktop air purifier for office intakes dirty air and delivers clean and fresh air to your working area.
Purified air + negative oxygen ion around, whole day of beauty care. You can enjoy a SPA without leaving the office desk with the ionic air purifier.

38 degree swing around,enjoy a SPA while working and sleeping.

Desktop Air Purifier

● Low power and easy operation

USB powered, DC 5V, 2W, energy saving.
Rated power only 2W, low power consumption and super environmental protection.
Press buttons to switch on/off, change fan speed and oscillate on/off. Come with a micro USB cable.
Perfect gift for people who suffer from allergies, asthma, cough, nasal stuffiness, sneezing, etc.

● Quiet, compact and portable
Noise level only 28-35dB,super silent,softly purification.
Noise level about 28dB at lowest speed for a restful and peaceful environment.
Size 80*105*335mm, 730grams, easy to carry. The mini air purifier fits nicely on desks and shelves and can be easily taken to any room. Covers area is about 10 square meters. Perfect for small areas and rooms such as office desktop, bedroom, studio, kitchen, pet room.

● 260g customized stainless steel casting
It is installed at the bottom of the machine, so as to achieve the balance of the machine and the safety of use.

● Quality reliability
Our products are designed by senior designers and can withstand 1 meter free drop test, 5KG pull test of power connector, 5000 impact test of keys, and extrusion test with packaging.

● Anti-dumping design
The machine can't fall down when it is tilted 25 degrees in normal use.

● 1.5mm natural rubber cushion
We use the natural rubber cushion with the thickness of 1.5mm to support the product. so that the machine can play the best anti-shock and anti-sliding effect in the working process.
And the main purpose of using pure natural rubber is to make the aging life more durable while keeping the environment healthy for users.

● Customized powerful fan
Verified by nearly 500,000 air purifiers after five years of consumer experience.
Customized the axis and the fan blade and the support of the fan, operation more stable and reliable.
Environmental protection materials, WEEE and KC certification.

● Brushless motor
Patent brushless stepper motor: intelligent control, quiet work, small size and long life.
Precision mechanical thrust bearing: Small rotational friction force, long service life and good mute effect.
Intelligently rotate left and right: The outer thrust bearing provides rotational support and reduces rotational friction; the middle step motor provides torque.

● Safe Micro USB
Each USB use four metal feet to pass through the PCBA and weld on both sides of the PCBA.

The machine can work through Micro USB, even if our machine falls in the high altitude or is suspended by the power line.

True HEPA Air Purifier

● The height of the mini air purifier outlet on the table is at the same height as the consumer's breathing range. Coverage area is about 10 square meters, perfect for small areas and rooms such as office desktop, bedroom, studio, kitchen, pet room, which can please not only your eyes but also your mind.So the hot seller is selling very well in US,UK,South Korean for more than 5 years.

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