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How to choose a car air purifier

  • July 17, 2021

Today, with serious air pollution, people who drive to and from work every day are more and more aware of the need for a truly effective car air purifier, especially in smog days or when smoking in the car. Here let us tell you how to choose a truly effective car air purifier.

1、       To select the car air purifier, we should first look at CADR.

The CADR value represents the purification capacity and speed of the air purifier. The larger the CADR is, the faster purification is; On the contrary, the smaller the CADR is, the slower the purification speed is. In general, car air purifier’s CADR is 10-18m ³/ H.

The interior space of an ordinary car is generally 3M ³。 The CADR of car air purifier produced by our company could reach 36 M ³/H, It could purify the whole vehicle in 5 minutes. Compared with our air purifiers, most of the car air purifiers on the market, such as small ultra-thin ones and columnar ones placed in cup holders, they are look beautiful, but their CADR value is very small, which could hardly achieve the purification effect.

2、       To choose a larger filter element, the larger the filter, the better.

The filter of car air purifier is the key component to improve the purification effect. The larger the filte, the better. Only the appearance is novel, and the filter used is small, which could not achieve the purification effect at all, so it could only be regarded as the decoration for the car. The main mission of car air purifier is to remove the odor and micro particles such as PM2.5 and formaldehyde. And these requires the filter designed for the purifier to be bigger.The car air purifier produced by our company design the filter to be almost the same size as the appearance of the whole purifier, so as to ensure the effectiveness of air filtering by the filter to the greatest extent.

3、       Easy replacement of filter element.

Our design team has given priority to good user experience in the process of designing air purifier. Because the filter of the air purifier must be replaced regularly, therefore, when choosing the car air purifier, we must pay attention to whether the filter element is easy to replace. And our car air purifier just needs to rotate the transparent shell slightly and lift it up so as the filter element would be exposed and to be taken out, replacing it with a new one, and then cover the transparent shell back again.

4、 The air inlet at the bottom and the air outlet at the top.

Our car air purifier is to select the top air outlet. In this way, the bottom or side wind is avoided, which was easy to cause small particles flying in the car. In addition, our car air purifier is easy to operate. Which means when the driver starts the engine, our car air purifier would work. Similarly, when the car stops, the air purifier would stop working at the same time, which would not taken any trouble to the driver.

5、       Carrying negative ions.

Negative ions are often called "air vitamins", really good for human’s health. Our company's car air purifier would release negative ions to clean the air after filtering harmful substances. However, without the filter, the pure negative ion even harmful to the human body because of the negative ions themselves could not remove the air pollutants in the car, they could only  combine with the pollutants to land in every corner of the car and fly up again at any time, which is just a "temporary transfer" of the polluted particles. Therefore, when we choose the vehicle air purifier, we should not only consider the simple negative ion car air purifier, but also use the combination of filter and negative ion for air purification together like our company.

In summary, the basic elements for selecting excellent car air purifiers are: high CADR value (preferably 20 m ³/ H above), large enough filter element, negative ion, and simple filter replacement method.

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