• How to choose a car air purifier
    How to choose a car air purifier
    • July 17, 2021

    Today, with serious air pollution, people who drive to and from work every day are more and more aware of the need for a truly effective car air purifier, especially in smog days or when smoking in the car. Here let us tell you how to choose a truly effective car air purifier. 1、       To select the car air purifier, we should first look at CADR. The CADR value represents the purification capacity and speed of the air purifier. The larger the CADR is, the faster purification is; On the contrary, the smaller the CADR is, the slower the purification speed is. In general, car air purifier’s CADR is 10-18m ³/ H. The interior space of an ordinary car is generally 3M ³。 The CADR of car air purifier produced by our company could reach 36 M ³/H, It could purify the whole vehicle in 5 minutes. Compared with our air purifiers, most of the car air purifiers on the market, such as small ultra-thin ones and columnar ones placed in cup holders, they are look beautiful, but their CADR value is very small, which could hardly achieve the purification effect. 2、       To choose a larger filter element, the larger the filter, the better. The filter of car air purifier is the key component to improve the purification effect. The larger the filte, the better. Only the appearance is novel, and the filter used is small, which could not achieve the purification effect at all, so it could only be regarded as the decoration for the car. The main mission of car air purifier is to remove the odor and micro particles such as PM2.5 and formaldehyde. And these requires the filter designed for the purifier to be bigger.The car air purifier produced by our company design the filter to be almost the same size as the appearance of the whole purifier, so as to ensure the effectiveness of air filtering by the filter to the greatest extent. 3、       Easy replacement of filter element. Our design team has given priority to good user experience in the process of designing air purifier. Because the filter of the air purifier must be replaced regularly, therefore, when choosing the car air purifier, we must pay attention to whether the filter element is easy to replace. And our car air purifier just needs to rotate the transparent shell slightly and lift it up so as the filter element would be exposed and to be taken out, replacing it with a new one, and then cover the transparent shell back again. 4、 The air inlet at the bottom and the air outlet at the top. Our car air purifier is to select the top air outlet. In this way, the bottom or side wind is avoided, which was easy to cause small particles flying in the car. In addition, our car air purifier is easy to operate. Which means when the driver starts the engine, our car air purifier would work. Similarly, when the car stops, the air purifier would stop working at the same time, which would not taken any trouble to the driver. 5、  &nbs...

    • July 08, 2021

    XILUO’S  BEAUTY The celebration of 5th Years birthday for F001 At the center of the air purifiers, the Xiluo’s products stands tall as a beacon of the beauty legacy and heritage. In honor of the F001's 5th anniversary, Xiluo has launched F007 and F008, the new lines of exclusive beauty products. To reward the market for the recognition and support of our products over the years. and we also provide more competitive price, quality and service specially. Each product is a collectable case to surpass ordinary items, so as to reshape the classic air purifier of the 21st century. We will continue to bring the charm of F001 to the most ordinary corner of our life. We innovate and try to improve every aspect of the design to the maximum extent. We also try our best to improve the function of the product. At the same time, in the new packaging, we also ensure the best material and design, and try our best to make our products become the symbol of luxury and luxury itself. "We hope to design the air purifier as a product that we could often use. At the same time, we also hope to design the air purifier as a product that could be used in very special occasions, such as beauty salons and high consumption places, which requires our air purifier to have extraordinary value and bring consumers a very good experience." Allen Ao, the director of Xiluo creative center, said that our air purifiers are made from popular consumer products and are also committed to transcending the cognition of popular consumption, which requires us to maintain the first originality in the design of each air purifier, firmly grasp the sense of art and aesthetics, and turn functional products into ideal luxury. That's what we're going to do with Xiluo company: to provide a luxurious product experience in everyday life. " Classic products are the reference of popular consumer products to art. We will uphold this concept and present a series of classic air purifiers through immersive experience.” Allen Ao said, "on the occasion of celebrating the 5th anniversary of F001's entry into the market, F001 is also also reminds us that youth is above all a state of mind: daring to take any step forward, to have the freedom to be ourselve in spite of convention, not to take ourselve seriously, to be light without being frivolous. To have the audacity to prefer the youth of imagination to the oldness of habit.”

  • Why choose our air purifiers ?
    Why choose our air purifiers ?
    • July 03, 2021

    Compared with the global air purifiers, the air purifier designed by our company has the following unique capabilities. Even in the window ventilation, our air purifiers can still purify the air for you. Most of the air purifiers designed by other companies are fixed on the table, and the purified air is basically blown up to the sky. Then, they publicize with consumers how high the CADR is, as if it could purify the whole office, but in fact, consumers could not feel the effect at all. Our air purifiers always working quietly next to you, and the the purified air and fresh negative ions are continuously transported to your breathing range. Even if the air flow is caused by opening the window or opening the air conditioner, it would not affect the clean air and negative ions that can be blown to you again immediately (we have applied for patent protection for this invention).        Our air purifiers can maintain beauty. PM2.5 did great harm to the face skin. It not only blocks the pores and makes the skin dark and rough, but also causes dermatitis, eczema, skin allergy and other symptoms. Like other air purifiers, our air purifiers adopts relatively safe and reliable HEPA technology to filter PM2.5 effectively. However, our air purifiers is the only purifier type in the world that can directly blow purified air to your face, It can also protect the full blowing range and the comfort of the breeze by rotating the head left and right, so it has become the only air purifier that can directly blow the purified air to consumers. Anion is a useful natural skin care product, its significant beauty effect is better and healthier than chemical skin care products. Negative ions can inhibit the consumption of vitamin C, produce new collagen, so as to achieve the effect of beauty and skin care. And our company's purifier is also the only product that could blow negative ions directly to your face. After all, only fresh negative ions can have real beauty effect. Our air purifiers can make you healthier and younger. Supplement enough negative ions can make the collagen of dermis recover young, make the skin recover the original elasticity and moisture, restore the vitality of the epidermis, and start the vigorous metabolism again, so as to make you look younger. According to the report issued by the international agency for research on cancer under the World Health Organization, air pollution has been identified as "carcinogenic to human beings" for the first time and regarded as a major environmental carcinogen. The most important component of air pollution, inhalable particulate matter (PM2.5), is recognized as a kind of carcinogen with the same risk level as tobacco. Because our air purifiers directly transports clean air and negative ions to your individual, it can reduce the harm of PM2.5 to your health to the greatest extent and ensure the negative ions you can enjoy to the greatest extent. Our air purifiers are very reliable and qui...

  • Air purifier can inhibit the spread of COVID-19
    Air purifier can inhibit the spread of COVID-19
    • June 25, 2021

    COVID-19 has pretty much sealed all of us in our homes, and our attention is completely focused on maintaining a safe and clean environment inside our home.Air purifiers are now an essential appliance seen in almost every home. As the quality of air in our homes can greatly impact our lungs and respiratory system, and with the COVID-19 virus directly attacking our lungs, we need to ensure that the air we breathe is clean, breathable, and safe. And this is where air purifiers faithfully play their part,and there are air purifiers that really caught your eye must be designed by XILUO TECH. People always think that air purifiers are deceptive products. After all, they are not as obvious as concrete objects. Only with the help of professional instruments could specific data be displayed. But in fact, in the eyes of scientists, air purifiers do have the magical effect of suppressing COVID-19's spread. We have known earlier that the transmission of sars-cov-2 through aerosol particles containing virus has been identified as an important route of covid-19 infection. Blocking the route of transmission is the most effective way to inhibit the development of the virus. Experts and relevant departments advocate wearing masks based on this principle. Now, people need to pay special attention to a large number of people gathered closely. Professor Joachim Curtius and his team at Goethe University tested the effectiveness of air purifiers in classrooms with 27 students and teachers in a week. At present, the purifier is divided into simple filter for coarse dust particles and fluff, HEPA filter and activated carbon filter according to the type of filter. In the experiment, the research team ran four air purifiers with HEPA filters, and monitored particles larger than 3 nm (range: 10 nm ~ 10 nm) in two locations in the classroom μm) PM10 and CO2 concentration. For comparison, similar measurements were made in adjacent classrooms without purifiers. When the doors and windows were closed, the aerosol concentration decreased by more than 90% in less than 30 minutes after the operation of the purifier. The test shows that the air purifiers is a very safe way which fundamentally reduces the risk of sars-cov-2 air transmission. When you spend two hours in an infectious closed room and use an air purifiers, the inhalation dose would be reduced by six times. Air purifier is a very effective way to fight COVID-19. What is the reason why we do not buy air purifier for our family's health and safety? Unlike the traditional air purifier, the air purifier produced by Shenzhen Xiluo Technology Co., Ltd. is suitable for all indoor places, including dormitories, living rooms, offices and study rooms. It is not only environmentally friendly but also energy-saving. At the same time, it is particularly beautiful and does not occupy too many places, and its price is much cheaper than the traditional air purifier. It is especially suitable for people's choice.

  • The necessity of using car air purifier
    The necessity of using car air purifier
    • May 14, 2021

    It is necessary to use air purifier in car. The car air purifier can purify the air in the car, filter out the bacterial dust, etc., and also filter out the formaldehyde and other harmful gases especially for the new car. Authoritative testing shows that the car odor has become the most headache for car owners. Especially in the case of exposure to the sun or stuffy humidity, the closed interior environment would lead to some unqualified interior upholstery, cushions and other items to release excessive formaldehyde and other gases, and the air pollution problem is particularly prominent. At the same time, some car owners also have a lot of discomfort symptoms. Common problems include dry eyes, dizziness, itchy throat, and even suffering from allergic rhinitis, bronchitis, throat cyst, etc. The main reason is that the car has been fully closed for a long time, and the air could not be circulated, so it is easy to produce harmful bacteria in the car. Long term in such a car environment, the body would be injured. The pollution sources mainly come from the car body itself and decorative materials, among which formaldehyde, benzene and other toxic pollutants. They are carcinogens, and the air inhaled by the car air conditioner is also mixed with a lot of exhaust. So it is necessary to buy a car purifier. At present, there are two common purification methods of car air purifier in the market: active filter and passive electrostatic adsorption filter. The electrostatic adsorption method is to breakdown the bacteria, viruses and particles in the air by the current generated by high voltage. Because the passive air purifier has no fan and filter screen, it doesn't need to change the filter material, so it is chosen by many "lazy people". But the purification efficiency and effect of this kind of car air purifier are not as good as the active air purifier. Therefore, the car air purifier of our company adopts the physical filtration purification method, which filters the particles in the air through the powerful particle filter, uses the activated carbon to absorb the odor and harmful gases, and also carries the negative ions that could remove the toxic substances in the air, so that the clean air could be filtered stably without secondary pollution. Our car air purifier could eliminate 99% of harmful micro particles (including car exhaust, dust, bacteria and viruses) and neutralize 99% of toxic gas chemicals (including car interior plastics and seat covers) for you and you.

  • Why is our air purifier better than Dyson
    Why is our air purifier better than Dyson
    • May 08, 2021

    When we designed the air purifier, we did consider the advantages of Dyson's. However, after our deeply study of their purifier, we soon found their shortcomings and established the advantages of our air purifier. First.  Dyson's air purifier is strictly a fan with a small part of purification capacity. It could only properly clean part of the indoor air, because most of the air is just circulating. Of course, this kind of design would bring a cool feeling when the weather is hot, but if the air purifier of this design principle is used in winter, we would feel very cold, or even catch cold; Second. The design of Dyson air purifier itself is also too complex. At the same time, in order to consider the appearance design on which Dyson has been famous, it would sacrifice most of its functional requirements to complete the so-called Dyson's aesthetic appearance. In other words, it is trying to follow the European design concept of "Minimalism", but at the same time, it ignores the most important premise of this concept is to ensure that the function could meet the needs of consumers. Third. Dyson's design would not consider the production cost, because they are confident that the terminal price would always be high, and consumers would naturally spend money to buy it. As a result, the wholesale price and selling price would be very high; In the same way, the design of filter element would be correspondingly complicated, so the cost for consumers to buy filter element will be very high either; Fourth. The market positioning of Dyson product design is not clear. For example, their latest desktop air purifier has the design defects of high noise, large volume, high price and not suitable for close-up use. It is estimated that its high price could only be justified by the air volume. we have analyzed Dyson's air purifier above, and let us explain the advantages of our air purifier over Dyson's air purifier. ● The design principle of our air purifier is to provide consumers with a real air purifier that can completely filter indoor air and directly output it to consumers. Therefore, in a limited range and within an effective distance, we try our best to use the filter with the largest area as far as possible, and provide the most comfortable breeze in the quietest way to give consumers the best experience. ● Our air purifier will be superior to Dyson's in terms of mute design. While fully realizing air purification, we will match the most suitable fan for each air purifier to output clean air, and strive to provide consumers with adjustable air throughout the year to gain consumer recognition. ● Each of our air purifiers is equipped with an independent negative ion generator to ensure that the air after the purifier is more healthy, at the same time, it could also provide consumers with beauty function. ● Our air purifiers have their own unique consideration and accurate grasp in terms of design elegance, which could ensure that even if they are sta...

  • Launch Twin Fans Home Air Purifier with Strong Spreed Wind
    Launch Twin Fans Home Air Purifier with Strong Spreed Wind
    • April 30, 2021

    Xiluo Tech launched newest item of home air purifier F008. It is protected patent global, which is adcanced useful features. ● High-end,Generous: Elegant design: Bigger size:143*180*360mm, 1.2kg,it's nicely on desks and shelves. The height of the air outlet on the table is at the same height as the consumer's breathing range. 40°swing around, it intakes dirty air and delivers clean and fresh air,let you enjoy a SPA while working or sleeping. High CADR,coverage area is up to 12-20 square meters,perfect for small areas and rooms such as office desktop, bedroom, studio, kitchen, pet room. which can please not only your eyes but also your mind. ● Mute Design,Super Silent: Noise level only 30-50dB,super silent,softly purification. Provide you a restful and peaceful environment especially while sleeping. ● Built in 8 Millions Negative Ions: SGS tested negative ion generator. Custom-made negative ion boost coil with imported copper wire from Korea. Environmental protection materials, WEEE and KC certified. The air ionizer releases 5 million pcs/cm3 negative ions into outgoing filtered air to help air purification and relieve symptoms of rhinitis, dry eyes, asthma, etc. Negative ions also has the function of soothing, calming , lowering blood pressure , beauty care and physiotherapy etc . Anion air purifier doesn't emit Ozone, UV-C light &; harmful air pollutants. ● Brushless Motor: Patent brushless stepper motor: intelligent control, quiet work, small size and long life. Precision mechanical thrust bearing: Small rotational friction force, long service life and good mute effect. Intelligently rotate left and right. The outer thrust bearing provides rotational support and reduces rotational friction; the middle step motor provides torque. Our products use precision mechanical components: thrust bearing. It is characterized by small rotational friction force, long service life and good mute effect. And because of its high machining accuracy, thrust bearing can also play an excellent role in protecting the motor. ● Tailored Thrust Bearing: Our products use precision mechanical components: thrust bearing, which is characterized by small rotational friction force, long service life and good mute effect. And because of its high machining accuracy, thrust bearing can also play an excellent role in protecting the motor. ● Customized Powerful Fan: Verified by nearly 500,000 air purifiers after five years of consumer experience. Powerful fan,3 wind speed levels for choice. Customized the axis and the fan blade and the support of the fan, operation more stable and reliable. Environmental protection materials, WEEE and KC certification. ●True H13 HEPA Filter: Very fine glass fiber H13 Hepa filter. Fold 110 times and Surrounded into 360°barrel, Effectively capture harmful particles. Can remove 99.95% of dust, pollen, cigarette smoke, odours, mould spores, pet dander and germs; filter particles as small as 0.3 microns and filter air pollution of PM 2.5 as we...

  •  The Special Customizied Brushless Motor for  New Item Home Air Purifer
    The Special Customizied Brushless Motor for New Item Home Air Purifer
    • April 30, 2021

    Xiluo have lauched new item of F007 Home Air Purifier in Jan,2021, which is patent protected global and high-end,generous,elegant design. Why do we think to customize the brushless motor to enhance the stability? At that time what was our company should thinking? We were thinking about how to do something to help our customers keeping their market share. Therefore, in 2020, we have been developing more competitive products. From 004, 005, 006, 007, 008, we have successfully developed and produced five new air purifiers, and successfully put them into the market. Each product has its own unique creativity and market angle. Our product is the world's unique use of brushless stepper motor to achieve the air purifier can rotate on the table, and has applied for invention patent protection in China. The advantages of brushless stepping motor are that it can be programmed to realize intelligent control, quiet work, small size and long life, which are very helpful to design more elegant air purifier. This brushless motor has these advantages as below: ● Patent brushless stepper motor: intelligent control, quiet work, small size and long life. ● Precision mechanical thrust bearing: Small rotational friction force, long service life and good mute effect. ● Intelligently rotate left and right: The outer thrust bearing provides rotational support and reduces rotational friction; the middle step motor provides torque. The room air purifier is very simple looks the strong sense of science and technology. With the 40 degree oscillatting design, you can enjoy the fresh surround wind all day. Created comfortable environment and multi-application for the home air purifier.

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