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The Special Customizied Brushless Motor for New Item Home Air Purifer

  • April 30, 2021
Xiluo have lauched new item of F007 Home Air Purifier in Jan,2021, which is patent protected global and high-end,generous,elegant design. Why do we think to customize the brushless motor to enhance the stability? At that time what was our company should thinking?

We were thinking about how to do something to help our customers keeping their market share. Therefore, in 2020, we have been developing more competitive products. From 004, 005, 006, 007, 008, we have successfully developed and produced five new air purifiers, and successfully put them into the market. Each product has its own unique creativity and market angle.

Our product is the world's unique use of brushless stepper motor to achieve the air purifier can rotate on the table, and has applied for invention patent protection in China. The advantages of brushless stepping motor are that it can be programmed to realize intelligent control, quiet work, small size and long life, which are very helpful to design more elegant air purifier.

This brushless motor has these advantages as below:
Patent brushless stepper motor: intelligent control, quiet work, small size and long life.
Precision mechanical thrust bearing: Small rotational friction force, long service life and good mute effect.

Intelligently rotate left and right: The outer thrust bearing provides rotational support and reduces rotational friction; the middle step motor provides torque.

Elegant Home Air Purifier

The room air purifier is very simple looks the strong sense of science and technology. With the 40 degree oscillatting design, you can enjoy the fresh surround wind all day.

Created comfortable environment and multi-application for the home air purifier.

hepa air purifier

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