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Why choose our air purifiers ?

  • July 03, 2021

Compared with the global air purifiers, the air purifier designed by our company has the following unique capabilities.

Even in the window ventilation, our air purifiers can still purify the air for you.

Most of the air purifiers designed by other companies are fixed on the table, and the purified air is basically blown up to the sky. Then, they publicize with consumers how high the CADR is, as if it could purify the whole office, but in fact, consumers could not feel the effect at all.

Our air purifiers always working quietly next to you, and the the purified air and fresh negative ions are continuously transported to your breathing range. Even if the air flow is caused by opening the window or opening the air conditioner, it would not affect the clean air and negative ions that can be blown to you again immediately (we have applied for patent protection for this invention).

       Our air purifiers can maintain beauty.

PM2.5 did great harm to the face skin. It not only blocks the pores and makes the skin dark and rough, but also causes dermatitis, eczema, skin allergy and other symptoms. Like other air purifiers, our air purifiers adopts relatively safe and reliable HEPA technology to filter PM2.5 effectively. However, our air purifiers is the only purifier type in the world that can directly blow purified air to your face, It can also protect the full blowing range and the comfort of the breeze by rotating the head left and right, so it has become the only air purifier that can directly blow the purified air to consumers.

Anion is a useful natural skin care product, its significant beauty effect is better and healthier than chemical skin care products. Negative ions can inhibit the consumption of vitamin C, produce new collagen, so as to achieve the effect of beauty and skin care. And our company's purifier is also the only product that could blow negative ions directly to your face. After all, only fresh negative ions can have real beauty effect.

Our air purifiers can make you healthier and younger.

Supplement enough negative ions can make the collagen of dermis recover young, make the skin recover the original elasticity and moisture, restore the vitality of the epidermis, and start the vigorous metabolism again, so as to make you look younger.

According to the report issued by the international agency for research on cancer under the World Health Organization, air pollution has been identified as "carcinogenic to human beings" for the first time and regarded as a major environmental carcinogen. The most important component of air pollution, inhalable particulate matter (PM2.5), is recognized as a kind of carcinogen with the same risk level as tobacco.

Because our air purifiers directly transports clean air and negative ions to your individual, it can reduce the harm of PM2.5 to your health to the greatest extent and ensure the negative ions you can enjoy to the greatest extent.

Our air purifiers are very reliable and quiet

From creativity to design to production, each of our air purifiers comes from a very professional team. And the feedback from 400,000 air purifiers sold around the world proves that the quality of our products are reliable and trustful.

All our air purifiers are equipped with silent fans, so they are very quiet to use.

Our air purifiers would be more elegant, which do not need to take up much more space on your desk.

The premise of all our products creativity is that it must be beautiful and elegant enough, because to be beauty and elegance are our company's DNA. Of course, the most elegant is the human body, so our company's products would not be designed to be bloated, or would not occupy too much space of you.

We are committed to wholesale air purifiers, so we would be better than others to provide you with lower price and better quality, and only by doing these well could we have a good future.

It would be our honor to help explore the market and brand influence of your company with the most compelling products of us. We aim our products only at wholesalers and retailers, selling only in wholesale volumes. So we could focus on more competitive and original product development and production to achieve a better future.

Every product is original and has the ability to create value.

We provide global original products, which are protected and certified by global patents. Each of our products has enough accurate market positioning, and can provide a unique user experience.which could help you to identify an isolated market segmet.

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